(2) Prayer for Victory

Victory Won

Bible Study


Prayer is our Communication for Victory in this life!

Gail McDonald, in her beautiful book, High Call, High Privilege, starts out by saying that she was one of those on a quest for the secret of the spiritual life. She would find the quick fix, the easy answer for things. She was sure that the next book or the next seminar she would attend would have the answer for her. So she went to a large gathering expecting that an elderly missionary would surely have the secret to the spiritual life and be able to impart that to her in ten words or less. She said at first she was a little disappointed because all that he said, and merely elaborated on it by some illustrations from his ministry, were these words, “A fire untended soon turns to useless ashes.”

She said she was disappointed until she began to think about that and began to look into the Word of God. She finally realized that he had given her the secret to the spiritual life. God the Holy Spirit, the moment she had trusted Jesus Christ, had placed within her a fire and that she had the responsibility of tending that fire. She goes on to talk about the fact that often we turn to other fires to warm us or to feed us or to satisfy us, only to find that when we do, the real fire that God has given us begins to turn to useless ashes. She was absolutely right!